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New information continues to expand in the case of a Miami surgeon bludgeoned to death in her home in around 2015. The Hubby, Mark Sievers, is currently on death row for murdering her. Seems to be a lot of domestic violence and killing these days in Miami, Florida!

Miami Herald shows that on June 28, 2015, Dr. Teresa Sievers was hit over the head with a hammer while inside her Bonita Springs, Florida home. Detectives found her lying on her kitchen floor with blood everywhere and most of the back her head completely caved in from the blunt force trauma.

After investigating the murder of Dr. Teresa for several months, detectives arrested and questioned Curtis Wayne Wright, 47, who said he was Mark Sievers best friend growing up in Miami. Detectives also arrested Jimmy Rodgers, 25, and charged him in accessory to commit murder.

Around 2016, Wright took a plea agreement and in exchange for a 25-year jail sentence for a second-degree homicide charge, he agreed to help detectives by providing evidence in regards to the murder case.  Although it’s still unclear what information Wright provided to police, Mark Sievers was subsequently arrested for beating his wife to death with a hammer. Sad to say but cases like this happen daily. Miami is the murder capitol of the world!

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