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What are your operating hours?

We are available 24 hours a day including holidays to answer your calls and provide honest advice. We can dispatch one of our emergency mobile cleaning crews within 24 hours to any location in Dade, Broward, or Monroe County.

Who is responsible for the cleanup?

The residential or commercial property owner is responsible for the cleanup and removal of affected items in most cases. Cases involving physical injuries, homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths require an investigation by the authorities. Once the investigation is complete, the authorities will hand over the location back to the property owner; it then becomes their responsibility to make the location habitable again and must do so according to state and federal requirements.

What type of insurance is required?

Typically homeowners insurance for residential property owners and workers compensation in the case of workplace-related accidents or deaths. In some cases, a deductible will be required. Victims Compensation may sometimes be available to cover the costs of restoration and removal.

What type of payments do you accept?

In most cases, insurance will cover all the costs associated with the cleanup, removal, and restoration. If there is a deductible required, that is not covered by the insurance company, you may process those payments privately via credit card, cash, or check.

What do your services cover?

Miami Crime Scene Clean provides a wide assortment of specialized professional cleaning services for home and business owners. We can remove and disposed of all affected items and even restore the items that can be cleaned. In some cases, this will require removing furnishings and stripping wallpaper, wood paneling, carpeting, and wood, tile, or linoleum floors. Whether an item can be restored largely depends on a variety of factors and can only be determined on a case-by-case basis. Our professional cleaning staff has the experience and knowledge required to make those decisions for you and offer solid advice about retaining or disposing of the item.

How soon can you get started?

Before we can begin cleaning, our mobilized cleaning crew must inspect the property and give you a price estimate for the project. We can even call your insurers for you from the location and work out the coverage. Once a price has been approved, our professional cleaning staff can begin removing and restoring the location and affected items immediately.

How long does it take before the location is habitable?

In general, most cases only take a few hours to a full day to clean and restore the location and items. In some cases where there are multiple locations or victims, it will require more time and more staff. However, even the worst-case scenarios rarely take more than 3-5 days to complete.

What chemicals do you use in your cleanup?

We use hospital and industrial-grade cleaners and deodorizers for every cleaning and restoration we provide.  Off-the-shelf cleaners and deodorizers do not offer the same strength or effectiveness. In the case of undiscovered homicides, suicides, or unattended deaths, the smell can linger long after the location has been restored if it has not been properly sanitized. This is one of many other reasons why you should hire a specialized cleaner who has experience in these matters, there are many steps typical janitorial workers will overlook.

What are your credentials?

Miami Crime Scene Clean has nearly 15 years of specialty cleaning experience working with private citizens, businesses to public agencies. All of our staff received continuous training in order to maintain public safety as well as their own. All of our employees observe OSHA and EPA requirements and take every precaution to create a safe working environment. All of our cleaning staff utilize hazmat suits, gloves, foot protection, and respirators. You have our guarantee all bio-hazardous material will be disposed of properly and according to state and federal regulations.

Why can’t I clean it myself?

In rare cases, residential and commercial property owners consider cleaning up the affected property and items themselves because they either lack the funds or do not realize the danger or requirements involved. If you are thinking about cleaning the location yourself please consider calling first, allow us to give you the pertinent information and offer you better options. Your health could depend on it.


Miami Crime Scene Cleanup FAQS
Crime Scene Cleanup FAQS